Cheap rent and no dodgy landlords: What it’s like living in a housing co-op

“This way of living proves to me that renting a house does not have to be as expensive as your landlord likes,’ says Tom, a 30-year-old bartender who has lived in a housing co-op for years now.

“We need more social housing in this country – this place was a godsend for me.”

Metro, 2017

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The Vegan Diet Bloggers Who Think Periods Are ‘Not Natural’

“If it’s so unhealthy for me to go through a period of not having my period, then why did I feel so amazing?”

In a YouTube video called “How I lost my period on a RAW VEGAN Diet,” vlogger Freelee the Banana Girl tells her 700,000 followers about something occasionally experienced by women who’ve made a big change to their eating habits: the disappearance of her period.

She says that within a month of starting a “100 percent raw vegan diet,” her periods stopped and only returned after nine months, but much more lightly. But instead of being a little worried, as we might expect, she was stoked.

Broadly, 2017

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Serial Monogamists: Why Some Women Jump From Relationship To Relationship

We don’t think much of serial monogamy. We think it’s emotionally unhealthy and that people who engage in it invest so much in short-lived relationships that they miss out on crucial self-development and are, in reality, just terrified of being alone.
A serial monogamist would rather this weren’t true; that it’s the work of armchair psychologists who should butt out because there’s more to it than poorly addressed emotional issues, surely?
Refinery29, 2017

It’s time women stopped putting up with toilet queues

Ever spent more time in a bar’s toilet queue than at the actual bar?

If you’re a woman, the answer is quite probably yes.

The primary reasoning behind this is that we take longer to do the deed – because of having to open and shut the doors of a cubicle, taking down trousers, the period-based fiasco we have to go through a quarter of the time – and so we suffer the consequences.

But us ‘taking longer’ shouldn’t matter – at the end of the day, toilet facilities are failing to provide for our needs, and we’re all left waiting.

Metro, 2017

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