Cheap rent and no dodgy landlords: What it’s like living in a housing co-op

“This way of living proves to me that renting a house does not have to be as expensive as your landlord likes,’ says Tom, a 30-year-old bartender who has lived in a housing co-op for years now.

“We need more social housing in this country – this place was a godsend for me.”

Metro, 2017

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It’s time women stopped putting up with toilet queues

Ever spent more time in a bar’s toilet queue than at the actual bar?

If you’re a woman, the answer is quite probably yes.

The primary reasoning behind this is that we take longer to do the deed – because of having to open and shut the doors of a cubicle, taking down trousers, the period-based fiasco we have to go through a quarter of the time – and so we suffer the consequences.

But us ‘taking longer’ shouldn’t matter – at the end of the day, toilet facilities are failing to provide for our needs, and we’re all left waiting.

Metro, 2017

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Disabled Access Day: Wheelchair users share their worst accessibility stories

For able-bodied people, being able to get from A to B is an absolute given.

And while we should celebrate the businesses and venues that use their time and resources towards making themselves more accessible, there’s a lot of work to be done before people with a variety of conditions can lead their lives without an endless number of hurdles in the way.

Metro, 2017

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