Disabled Access Day: Wheelchair users share their worst accessibility stories

For able-bodied people, being able to get from A to B is an absolute given.

And while we should celebrate the businesses and venues that use their time and resources towards making themselves more accessible, there’s a lot of work to be done before people with a variety of conditions can lead their lives without an endless number of hurdles in the way.

Metro, 2017

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The school of life: Why mixed-gender schools are better for our kids

It’s something every parent considers: Which would better for your child, a mixed or single-sex school?

With comprehensive, grammar and private schools all offering both options, it’s yet another thing to have to consider in the already stressful task of finding a school. And it doesn’t help that whoever you speak to seems to have an opinion on the matter.

But while there are valid arguments on both sides, especially when it comes to exam results, there’s one thing that single-sex schools can’t offer to children – and that’s preparation for the real world.

Yahoo! Style UK, 2016

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19 Yellow Kids Meals We Wish We Could Still Eat Every Day

One day, as you sit around the dinner table eating fresh vegetables and meat, one of your 2.3 children will ask: “Mother, what was dinner like when you were a girl?”

And as you put your forkful of chia-sprinkled yam back upon your plate, you’ll begin to tell them of better times. Of times when e-numbers were plentiful, when garlic butter ran freely from miniature balls of processed chicken. When potatoes were shaped to look like things, and turkey meat was also shaped to look like things.

Comedy Central, 2016

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Tinder: Is the novelty wearing off?

Mentally rewind five years and you’ll recall online dating was considered a last resort for those too busy or unlucky to find love. Using algorithms along with details on your personality, desires and dislikes, sites matched you up with someone who was both physically and emotionally compatible with you.

That was until Tinder came along and realised something much more important: Deep down, human beings have a habit of being incredibly shallow – and Tinder has been the world’s favourite dating app ever since.

But, almost four years on, is Tinder beginning to lose its spark?

Yahoo! Style UK, 2016

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EU referendum: How will it affect studying and working abroad?

The EU referendum’s given young people plenty to think about. There’s employment, going abroad, education, and a load of other things – so it’s logical to worry about studying and working abroad.

We asked Lizzie Fane, founder of website Third Year Abroad, for her thoughts.

Hexjam, 2016

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